Welcome to SubClub

The SubCulture Club is a community of Artists, Performers, and their Supporters: the great APES of Victoria. We are a creative gathering place for those who don’t feel at home in mainstream arts establishments or for-profit entertainment venues. We are a community of friends who encourage each other to be creative and inspire one another by performing and sharing our art. We support those who are learning, experimenting, or simply aren’t interested in mass consumption.

The SCC is a member based, self-funding, not-for-profit group. We cover our operating costs by renting rehearsal space to members and by hosting fundraising events. If you’d like to know more about Subculture Club click HERE.

To see a calendar view of all our upcoming events click HERE. We archive all of our past events which often includes posters, photos from the events, and links to the artitst’s websites or bandcamp pages. You can move backwards and forwards in the calendar to view past and future events. If you’d like to receive notifications about future events please join our mailing list by filling out the form below.

If you’d like to hear songs from some of our upcoming performers click HERE for a link to our SubClub jukebox.

You can also request to join our Facebook members page HERE .

SubClub Jukebox – Listen to music by performers playing at upcoming events

  1. Magic Diamond Cafe 4:43
  2. Why Bother? SUSSY 3:08
  3. Impatient - Single Quarterback 3:33
  4. The Butterfly Effect Tribune 4:33